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At Vatelia Media Group, we specialize in visual story-telling and complete event management to ensure that your special moments shine without compromise. From crafting captivating narratives through visual content to seamlessly managing every aspect of your event, including lights, LED screens, sound, and stage design, we deliver unforgettable experiences tailored to your vision.

The Creative Director:

Oriol  Vatelia

I have had the pleasure of managing a wide range of productions for diverse clients. Over the past decade, my staff and I have teamed up with big names like Asante Samuel, Michael Vick, Fred Taylor, Dwane Wade, and Venus Williams, leaving our mark globally. As you probably know, I recently partnered with SNDH, Aly, to manage the post-production of the cross-cultural film, "This Unexpected Love." We are also the preferred vendor for many local municipalities in Miami, allowing us to host events and having the support of the local authorities. I am looking forward to working with you on this venture.


This Hollywood-worthy film editing has been realized by Oriol Vatelia of Vatelia Media Group.
After over two decades of cinematography work, VMG is proud to team up with old and new partners in crafting great feature films that will lift up cultures, bring communities together and create economic opportunities.

From Florida & Beyond, We Are Nationwide

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The future is here. Are you ready to seize it? Everyday devices, online video platforms, as well as AR/VR spacial computing worlds are becoming available to your fans and clients sooner than you think. For stunning cinematic highlights of events, let VMG take you to the cutting edge of a technology that is already upon us.


In this economy, it is understandable that our entrepreneurs think twice before making any investment. When it comes to advertising, which is an inevitability for the growth of your business, finding the right production company to entrust your business need and goal without having to invest twice is crucial. Vatelia Media Group is your answer.


Vatelia Media Group works closely with you and diligently for you so you don't have to compromise. When you need to capture every moment and every highlight of this special event you have worked hard to realize, you can depend on our professionals


At Vatelia Media Group, we love working with various communities: Leaders, businessmen and businesswomen who promote their events, services and brands while proudly featuring key aspects of their rich history.


With nearly two decades of experience in immortalizing countless dates in history, all over the world, we are proud to affirm that we have perfected the exceptional art of covering the mother of all events: The wedding. Immense experience means that we understand just how very unique and very personal each wedding is. We know how to make you proud.


It is truly breathtaking when we experience nature and human ingenuity from up above. Professional and licensed drone operation is one of our signature specialties at Vatelia Media Group. We help bring your projects and special occasions to a whole new level with stunning aerial visuals.


Vatelia Media Group has worked with clients such as Asante Samual of the Atlanta Falcons, Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles, Fred Taylor of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Dwane Wade of the Miami heat and seven Grand Slam title winner Venus Williams. We are an independent media and entertainment company that creates stunning visuals for diverse companies and consumers.




"I believe people are born with talents that only they can express to the world, and Oriol’s skill at editing is a work of art that far exceeds the industry norm. Additionally, he is also a very talented producer and cinematographer. Oriol was blessed with many talents in life and he always delivers creative work that exceeds all expectations.


"Since the day he began, he has really changed our television programs to make them more impactful. He can do anything, go anywhere, and he will “burn the mid-night oil” to get the program or video completed on time. He is never late with a production and it is “never a problem to change anything.” He is excellent in his field of filming, editing, as cinematographer and much more.


"Oriol is professional, honest, personable and gifted.   His creativity, effort and originality are second to none. Oriol listens to requests adding his artistic eye making each project unique and exceed expectations.  Oriol makes doing business with him an absolute joy.  I highly recommend him!


Thank you for visiting our site and contacting us. We are excited for the opportunity to have you as a client. We answer all emails within 24 hours. For information about pricing and availability, please contact us below

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